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New to Team Handball?

Have you wondered what Team Handball is all about? Searching for a fun competitive sport? Want to get a full body workout while developing new abilities?

Team Handball is perfect for you then!

Bring your gym shoes and join us at one of our practice sessions, or contact us for more information. We can’t wait to have you on the courts!

Team Handball for Beginners

Team Handball is a summer Olympics sport played indoor on a 40 by 20 meters court. 1 goal is set at both very end of the court inside a 6-meter crease.

7 players by side are allowed on court at a time (6 court players and 1 goalie).

In Offense, the ball is moving fast between teammates, everyone is driving into the defense, trying to take advantage of the court, giving as much space as possible to other teammates, making great scoring opportunity by jumping inside the crease and throwing before to land. The only ways to lose the ball is offence is by making a mistake, or missing your shot.

In Defense, everyone must be committed to protect the crease and their goalie from a 6 meters shot. Defenseman must move his legs fast to stay in front of other clever and quick opponent. Defenseman use all his body to block and /or stop the opponents. 

There is a great deal of physical contact and end-to-end action involving high jumps, powerful throws and spectacular agility.

Team Handball is known as being the fastest ball sports 🙂

We Support School Teams

With the ATHF, Calgary Team Handball Society is committed to developing Team Handball in Calgary and surroundings; We can offer schools different options:

*You may contact us to get a booklet of how to build your practice plan and make your athletes ready for a game

Mini-Handball ** ONLY THRU ATHF FOR 2016-2017
  • Modified version of Team Handball for elementary school aged kids.

  • To develop the basic motor skills of Team Handball

  • Promote team play, sportsmanship, and to have fun with the sport.

Jr. / Sr. High School Handball
  • Training resources, and plans for teachers.

  • Volunteer coaches (if available).

  • Scheduled tournaments organized by ATHF.

What else do we have to offer!
  • Coaching and Referee clinics available.

  • Continued development thru Calgary Team Handball Society, the ATHL and Tournament all around Canada.

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